At Aardevo we are dedicated to introduce a radical change in potato breeding. Our young, international team of breeders and scientists is developing innovative hybrid potato varieties. Aardevo is fully focused to deliver competitive solutions in potato breeding and contribute to the future of potato growing. If you also want to contribute to this future, join our team! Have a look at our current open positions on this page. If there is no open position that fits your profile, please contact us to discuss possibilities on We can also accommodate internships and student projects

Quantitative Geneticist

As quantitative geneticist, you make an essential contribution to the speed and efficiency of our hybrid potato activities by implementing a marker-based prediction approach (genomic selection) into our breeding pipeline. You shape the breeding strategy by designing and implementing robust statistical approaches and computational pipelines.

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Resistance Breeder

As resistance breeder, you make an essential contribution to our growing hybrid potato breeding program by developing and implementing a powerful strategy to improve disease and pest resistance. You develop variety components with resistance to e.g. late blight. For this program, you identify resistance sources and optimize the introgression of these in our germplasm.

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