Aardevo will change the future of the potato

Aardevo is a potato breeding company based on the premise of developing the potato of the future. We are developing new, future-proof varieties of potato with our innovative diploid breeding process. Our aim is to produce true potato seeds from these diploid potatoes, seeds that can be more efficiently exported across the globe.


Working on this, we have a team of international scientists who are all equally passionate and enthusiastic about achieving this joint goal.


A Revolution in the World of the Potato

Our emphasis remains primarily on Research & Development. Aardevo knows that innovation is the key to future-proof crops.


A Green Process

It goes without saying that the hybrid breeding of diploid potatoes is no simple process, but luckily enough, it’s fairly easy to explain.


Working on the Breakthrough

Our entire team is motivated by the knowledge that they are contributing to a revolution in the world of the potato, providing a unique opportunity for those with a passion for plants.

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Our Partners

Aardevo is a Joint Venture between two companies: KWS and The J.R. Simplot Company. In 2019 these two companies joined forces to create Aardevo, which combines KWS’ expertise in seeds and hybrid plant breeding with the advanced potato processing capabilities and agronomic knowledge of Simplot. This union brings together all that is needed for the development of a new potato variety under one roof.