About Aardevo

Aardevo intends to change the future of the potato by bringing new potato varieties to market, through the hybrid breeding of diploid potatoes. With a team of specialist researchers from across the globe, each new day at Aardevo comes with renewed motivation to optimise this process.


Despite the company’s clear commercial goal, the current emphasis is primarily on research and development. Aardevo is convinced that innovation is the key to future-proofing all crops, including potatoes. Our innovative approach to breeding ultimately ensures that new potatoes will be market ready much sooner than current standard practice allows. They are stronger, better, and more resistant to disease than current varieties.


Aardevo is made up of 20 passionate scientists, all working towards the same goal. This may not seem like much for revolutionising the world of the potato, but they are not alone. Aardevo is a Joint Venture between two large entities: KWS and Simplot. Two giants of the agriculture and food industries have come together in their joint vision of the potato of the future. Their knowledge, expertise and facilities are all perfectly placed to support the search for the perfect potato.

The goal

While standard practices support the launch of commercial products within 10 years, Aardevo has another goal: To produce true potato seeds that can consistently be used as reliable starting material.


After maize, corn and rice, the potato is the most important source of food for the world’s population. In addition to this, the potato is relatively healthy and requires little water, especially in comparison to the other large crops. In a world with an ever-growing population, the potato can well be expected to play an important role in the food chain. Through the technology that Aardevo is developing, the evolution of the potato is expected to come thick and fast. The potato will become better, stronger and more resistant in the coming decades, which will only serve to strengthen the potential of this plant.


Working for Aardevo

Aardevo is working on revolutionising the world of the potato. What had long seemed impossible is now within reach, all thanks to the efforts of Aardevo’s parent companies: KWS and Simplot. To date, progress is as expected but in the coming years, the researchers will have an even stronger influence on the process. In fact, the influence and opinion of every single employee is essential for the success of this programme. The strength of the team spirit is noticeable wherever you go in the company. Everyone has their own area of expertise, but in practice, each role actually encompasses a great deal more, often touching on several different specialisms. While this makes each role even more appealing, it also ensures a unique kind of collaboration within a professional research team.

Aardevo is located in Nagele. This guarantees that all the theoretical knowledge that is gathered here is enhanced and expanded with all the practical experience that surrounds it. This is more than evident in the culture at Aardevo at the moment:


“We are looking for people with a strong theoretical background who aren’t averse to literally getting their hands dirty in the field.”